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A BIG HAPPY EASTER TO ALL, from the Crew at Tech Garage!

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  • Professional service and value
  • Log book servicing. Maintain new car warranty without inflated rates
  • Tech Garage delivers all types of automotive servicing and repairs to all makes and models
  • Over 10 years training and experience in servicing and repairs with Australian Defence Force
  • Member MTA (Motor Trade Association SA) and Capricorn Society
  • Broken down, we can arrange a tow to our shop from just $99

Servicing from $149, includes oil, oil filter and safety inspection.
Fault light on? Why not have a full diagnostic scan for $49.

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Current Services on offer: (plus many more)
Inline Petrol Fuel System Service
How Much?
From only $129
What do I get?
The inline petrol fuel system service will remove all traces of oil, grease and carbon residues from the intake system. As the cleaning fluid is delivered by the vehicle’s own injection system the cleaning process is targeted toward components of the engine that will directly benefit. The intake valves are cleaned to help achieve and maintain a smooth idle and a consistent delivery of power and torque, while the freshly cleaned injectors help to deliver all of this power economically
Inline Diesel Fuel System Service​
How Much?
From only $169
What do I get?
A clean intake and fuel system on a diesel engine is critical in order to deliver smooth power and torque with reduced fuel consumption. Diesel vehicles that are on the road and working all day need to be as efficient as possible to remain profitable, while 4WD and recreational vehicles rely on the extra power and torque that a diesel engine delivers for safety and enjoyment. Our Inline Diesel Fuel System Service allows for a process that efficiently cleans the intake fuel system to restore lost power and smoothness and to improve fuel economy.

Silver Service
How Much?
From only $149
What do I get?
  • Engine oil drained and refilled with up to 5L of semi-synthetic compatible fluid
  • Engine oil filter removed and replaced with new item
  • Lights check
  • Safety Inspection
  • Check and top up fluids
  • Test brake fluid
  • Test coolant
  • Test battery
  • Windscreen washer additive
  • Clean air filter
  • Test drive​

Log Book Servicing:
How Much?
What do I get?
  • A complete service in accordance with the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) Log Book
  • Depending on the stage of service cycle the vehicle is in, will determine the level of servicing involved
  • Regardless of wether it is stated by the OEM, any vehicle that enters Tech Garage for a service, will be inspected for safety and roadworthiness!
  • Service with confidence and maintain your warranty with our industry backed log book services
  • No need to pay the OEM dealers inflated service rates anymore!
What else?
  • Servicing Diesel and Petrol vehicles
  • Maintenance on all cars, vans, light trucks etc...
  • Performance Modifications
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Brake repairs
  • Air conditioning
  • Clutches
  • Cooling systems
  • Forced Induction
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • and the list goes on..........................................
  • Don't see what you need? Just ask one of us, we're here to help

Nitrous Oxide refills:
How Much?
$13.50 per pound
What do I get?
  • Nitrous bottles refilled professionally and weighed on state of the art scales, so you only pay for what you take.
  • Nitrous bottles are very rarely empty, unless brand new, don't pay by guess.
Nitrous Express NOS N2O
Refills - ONLY $13.50 per pound